Septina Dian Larasati


Brisq Founder

PhD student
Institute of Formal & Applied Linguistics
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Charles University in Prague.

I am one of the Brisq founders. I was a Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher at SIA Tilde, Latvia, under the EU CLARA (Common Language Resources and their Applications) project. I was an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Awardee in LCT (Language and Communication Technology) program. I spent the program in Bolzano (Italy) and Prague (Czech Republic). I got my Double Master Degree from Free University of Bozen-Bolzano and Charles University in Prague in 2010 and my undergrad degree from University of Indonesia at the faculty of Computer Science in 2007.


  • Ph.D., (on going). Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague.
  • M.Sc., 2010. Master in Language and Communication Technologies, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague.
  • M.Sc., 2010. Master in Language and Communication Technologies, Faculty of Computer Science, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano.
  • B.Sc., 2007. Bachelor of Computer Science, University of Indonesia


Current Activities

 Language Engineer at
Washington DC, USA

Etsy Shop Owner at
Munch Gifts
Arlington VA, USA

Founder at
Founder of Brisq.
Brisq is a free Android app that allows you to connect to people from around the world. Brisq users create their own set of questions and answers to define their point of view for each other to answer and match. We analyze their questions and answers data with NLP technology to find their best match.

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PhD Student at
Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Charles University in Prague
PhD. Supervisor:
Prof. RNDr. Jan Hajič, Dr
I am currently pursuing my PhD degree at Charles University in Prague on language resource creation, language morphological analyzer, and machine translation.

Work Experience

Computational Linguist Contractor at
Level 6, 9 Help Street
Chatswood NSW 2067
+61 2 9468 6300
Working as the main Computational linguist on a Indonesian project for Appen.


Annotator Contractor at
Lionbridge Technologies, Inc
Hermiankatu 12 B, FIN-33720
Annotation of Indonesian language resources for Lionbridge clients.


Early Stage Researcher at
SIA Tilde, Latvia
SIA Tilde
Vienības gatve 75a
Rīga, LV-1004

Early Stage Researcher.Working as an ESR is in translation tools and resources for under-resourced languages. Exploring and investigating the possibilities to facilitate translation tools (mainly SMT systems) and resources development for languages that currently have limited translation technologies and resources.


  • 2015
    • Timo Järvinen, Elisabeth Bertol, Septina Larasati, Monica-Mihaela Rizea, Maria Ruiz Santabalbina and Milan Souček: Towards Cross-Language Application of Dependency Grammar (Poster Session). Depling 2015. August 2015. Uppsala, Sweden.
  • 2014
    • Nathan Green and Septina Dian Larasati: Votter Corpus: A Corpus of Social Polling Language (Poster Session). LREC 2014. May 2014. Reykjavik, Iceland.
  • 2012
    • Raymond Hendy Susanto, Septina Dian Larasati and Francis M. Tyers: Rule-based Machine Translation between Indonesian and Malaysian (Poster Session). COLING WSSANLP. December 2012. Mumbai, India.
    • Septina Dian Larasati: Handling Indonesian Clitics: A Dataset Comparison for an Indonesian-English Statistical Machine Translation System (Poster Session). PACLIC 26. November 2012. Bali, Indonesia. [pdf] [bib]
    • Nathan Green, Septina Dian Larasati, and Zdeněk Žabokrtský: Indonesian Dependency Treebank: Annotation and Parsing. PACLIC 26. November 2012. Bali, Indonesia. [pdf] [bib]
    • Septina Dian Larasati: Improving Word Alignment by Exploiting Adapted Word Similarity (Poster Session). AMTA MONOMT. October 2012. San Diego, USA.
    • Septina Dian Larasati: Towards an Indonesian-English SMT System: A Case Study of an Under-Studied and Under-Resourced Language, Indonesian. WDS 20. October 2012. Prague, Czech Republic. [pdf]
    • Septina Dian Larasati: IDENTIC Corpus: Morphologically Enriched Indonesian – English Parallel Corpus (Poster Session). LREC 2012. May 2012. Istanbul, Turkey. [pdf]
  • 2011
    • Septina Dian Larasati, Vladislav Kuboň, and Daniel Zeman: Indonesian Morphology Tool (MorphInd): Towards an Indonesian Corpus. SFCM 2011. August 2011. Zurich, Switzerland. Springer CCIS proceedings of the Workshop on Systems and Frameworks for Computational Morphology [pdf][bib]
  • 2010
    • Septina Dian Larasati, and Vladislav Kuboň: A study of Indonesian-to-Malaysian MT System. MALINDO 2010. August 2010. Jakarta, Indonesia. [pdf][bib]
  • 2008
    • Rahmad Mahendra, Septina Dian Larasati, and Ruli Manurung: Extending an Indonesian Semantic Analysis-based Question Answering System with Linguistic and World Knowledge Axioms. PACLIC 2008. Cebu City, Philippines. [pdf] [bib]
  • 2007
    • Septina Dian Larasati and Ruli Manurung: Towards a Semantic Analysis of Bahasa Indonesia for Question Answering. PACLING 2007. Melbourne, Australia. [pdf]

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